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Down2earth Creations comprehensive services includes:

:: Garden designs, 3D renderings

:: Consultations

:: Planning of sustainable vegetable gardens

:: The supply of plants, trees and or lawn

:: Compost, potting soil and lawn dressing

:: Organic fertilizers and pesticides

:: Pot planters, stepping stones and garden accessories 

Down2earth Creations is an award-winning landscape company. Situated in Gauteng we help optimize your garden for that ultimate Al Fresco living experience.

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As professional landscapers we stay up to date with the latest international landscaping technology and garden trends and can tailor make to any landscape design to suit our client’s individual tastes.

Design Unique Bespoke Garden Plans

The dreams and ideas of the client and our expert advice come together to create a unique landscape design.

Site rehabilitation

If necessary (e.g. installing good drainage, or building terraces with retaining walls in a sloped garden).

Garden related building projects

Ponds, pathways, retaining walls, cladding, tiling, edging, decking, trellises, arches, pergolas, gates and more. 

Irrigation systems and rainwater harvesting

So your garden can be watered regularly and effortlessly.




Soil quality improvement

We use organic weed free compost and fertilizers which helps stimulate your plants to grow healthy and strong.

Garden product sourcing

We supply and install all the plants and hard elements likes pots and stepping stones and lawn as per your garden design.

Edible gardens

We incorporate herbs, fruit trees and vegetables in your edible garden.

Seasonal maintenance

Pruning shrubs, trees, clipped hedges and roses.Replacing colorful annual plants that have finished flowering with fresh seedlings for the new season. Seasonal feeding of plants and lawns.

Why choose Us

We take pride in our work and design beautiful gardens. Our clients include private home owners, businesses, embassies and schools.
The saying “Home is where your hearth is…” it very true and a lush outdoor space is an extension of your home. Down2earth Creations softens the barriers between the interior of your home and the outdoors with their attractive and well planned gardens.

Our garden design both reflects the beautiful architectural style of the house and that of the surrounding area and will transform your dwelling into a your personal cosy home. Whether you are in need of a brand-new garden, a make-over of an existing garden or need to spruce up your beloved garden for a special occasion.

Our team is a perfect mix of artistic landscape designers and skilled craftsmen who know exactly how to plan and realise your dream garden, tailor-made to suit the needs of both you and your family. Allow our gifted landscaping team to extend your living space to include gorgeous outdoor living rooms today!

D2e Company profile

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about d2e

Down2earth Garden Creations was founded in 2009 by landscaper Cobus Behrens.
He is passionate about creating unique and tailor-made gardens, and he does so with imaginative flair. Nature is the greatest gardening master and Cobus loves spending time in nature and draws inspiration through exploring and learning natural growing cycles, color and texture arrangements and even water preserving techniques. This knowledge is mimicked in his unique and fresh garden designs.


We are passionate about the environment and people.

We love Nature

Therefore we are responsible landscapers and use organic gardening methods. We use organic compost and fertilizers, and we teach our team, earth stewards – and our clients and their gardeners – organic gardening principles.

We care about the environment

we want to leave a better planet for our children. That is why we are constantly greening spaces, planting trees and shrubs to purify the air, and inspiring people to plant and cultivate more to improve their quality of life. We place a high premium on designing water wise gardens with predominantly indigenous plants.

We Grow Future Generations

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