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Down2earth Creations was founded in 2009 by landscaper Cobus Behrens.

Cobus is passionate about creating unique and tailor-made gardens with his imaginative flair. Nature is the greatest gardening master and Cobus loves spending time in nature and draws inspiration through exploring and learning natural growing cycles, color and texture arrangements and even water preserving techniques. This knowledge is mimicked in his unique and fresh garden designs.

Over the years Cobus has built a strong and reliable team.
He combines his skills as landscaper with his love for training people.

The Down2earth Garden Creations team design and install your garden to the exact specifications on the garden plan.

The team consist of dedicated artistic landscaping technicians, in-house builders and irrigation experts in order to complete every project with confidence. Only the healthiest plants are sourced from reputable wholesale growers and the soil is enriched with top quality organic products from reputable suppliers. Trained gardeners prepare and meant the soil properly and plant your plants with great care.

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Creating your dream garden

Our team are dedicated artist and landscaping technicians, our in-house builders help to complete every project timely and with confidence.

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